Holiday Deals

Up to 20% on Holiday Packages and Hotel Booking with us

Rental Deals

Up to 20% on Travelomac Rentals

Customer Suport

24×7 Corporate Assistance

Corporate Benefits

Best offer from Partner Airlines only for Corporates

OUR MISSION is one of the top brands of the Indian travel industry. Through our corporate travel program, we aim to provide a hassle-free business trip to the clients. We lessen the expense and complexity of travel and cost management


Customer Centricity

We wish that our clients simply enjoy working with us and this makes us walking that extra mile to help them in every possible way. We deliver our services keeping their convenience in mind and try to exceed their expectations in terms of delivering quality.

Passion to Make Potential Clients

A great difference between us and our competitors is that we deliver experiences to enable us making potential clients. We offer genuinely flexible services and make your journeys truly cost effective.

The Trust in Teamwork

We know that each great work is the result of several intelligent brains. By working together in harmony and fostering a creative environment, we achieve better goals every day.


Our constant and rapid mission is to apply intelligence, reason and technology in our work and environment. This is a crucial and competitive advantage, which allows us taking informed risks by embracing new ideas to improve business.




Client Services

We offer Travel Management Support to the clients in every possible way including offline and online Travel Management support. Our travel experts are available at your service 24X7 to solve queries and make bookings. Our online travel booking engine can make bookings simple and easy.

24X7 Professional Support

We hire the best in industry to look after the concerns of our clients and who can work happily & effectively. Our team fully connects with the customers when it comes to give support. You can talk to our customer support center for any kind of changes including flight date, shift in accommodation or anything else.

Online Travel Services

We believe that online travel booking is the way which makes traveling really easy and brings the world in a small screen. You can view, compare and book your favorite air route, accommodation and tours. Our search engine ensures you to find the cheapest business travel.

Customize MICE

(Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibitions)

We constantly work to ensure you that every aspect of your business travel is covered and easily booked. We have a team that takes care of the arrangements related to meetings and conferences and provides the best rooms and deals for your business event or meeting. The best hotels and conference rooms in your required location are all just a call away. In these places, you can organize and coordinate meetings, events, private parties and business gatherings. The size can vary as per the requirement within the given specific budget.

We understand the significance of personal communication and our team books, organizes, and coordinates your business events from room to travel. We also appreciate the importance of team building in every business. So, we organize team building days out and trips and make sure that your delegates have a great time and receive your intended messages from the trip.


What benefits we have on booking flights?
For instant flight booking we are the one who is offering the flight ticket in low cost, in such case the flight ticket will remain unchanged for corporate also.
What Payment Options are Available for Corporate?
Our clients have the convenience and flexibility of multiple payment options. Corporate Credit Cards You can make payment through following cards without paying any additional charges: • Master Card • Visa
Do We Need to Deposit Any Amount Or Give a Bank Guarantee?
Yes, but not necessary Corporate has to deposit an amount or give a bank guarantee to TRAVELOMAC. The deposit amount will be deducted after each transaction done along with management fee/transaction fee. For Deposits: We provide real time settlement for deposits and real time access to MIS will be given to corporate and statement sent as per the granted period For Bank Guarantee: We settle the payment as per the granted or till the booking reaches 90% of the bank guarantee amount (whichever is early). Instant access to MIS is given and regular statement of accounts will be sent. In case Corporate don’t want to provide initial deposit or Bank guarantee, no issue Travelomac can ask for the cheque/demand draft/Wire Transfer/RTGS/NEFT before the booking date. For details please write us on [email protected]
How it works?
1-We will provide the sub-domain facility so you can get the offers instantly on your company website. 2-You just need to login with your corporate ID for availing the corporate offers. 3-Every purchase you did from the site the cash back will credit on your wallet if there is any cashback facility will be given for particular products or services. 4-In case the company will not ok with subdomain facility we will provide corporate voucher which will be emailed to every employee of the company every month. 5-In case of meeting and group tour you need to contact us directly at [email protected] with you company ID and requirements and our Corporate representative will get back to you as soon as possible.